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I simply want to help as many people as possible to have a better experience of life than they do now.



I’m very, very good at helping others gain self esteem, self confidence and learn how to turn  stress into energy.

When I first launched my dream, to reach as many people (10 million) as I could, so that I could offer them a few moments of calm, the voice of a friend, and some genuine help, I hadn’t even heard of podcasting, voice over or iTunes.  But the idea to broadcast was so powerful, I wrote a script, recorded it in the little make-shift studio upstairs (the spare bedroom!) and sent it off to a radio station. 6 months later, and I’m in a recording studio and reading 10 scripts that I had been asked to write.


No-one – but no-one – expected those scripts to download more than 2,000 times – in a year.

In a month, 100,000 had downloaded and I saw my work go to the iTunes Top 5 – across all genres in podcasting! And then to the Number 1 slot. I was stunned, absolutely stunned. But the feedback made me all the more determined to do  more of it .  . . so I spent the next two years, writing and recording. All of that work is here, now, and ready for you to take away – so please help yourself to a selection of Mp3s that will last you for ever!  And, I sincerely hope, will help you through the dark moments, the stuck moments and the confused times in your life.

I write special scripts and record them to make short, powerful inner journeys that reconnect you to your ‘true’ self. When you listen to them you’ll quickly get into a relaxed state and remember who you truly are and what you want from life. Your subconscious and conscious mind benefits from hearing and feeling words and images that give you courage, wisdom, strength and peace.


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I help by reminding you that you are powerful and you were born with all the wisdom you’ll need – and I can show you how to get there for yourself.

You learn to switch on your ‘relaxation response’ and avoid the burden of stress and stress related problems which can range from sleeplessness and insomnia, to depression, heart problems, panic attacks, relationship problems, low energy and dependencies of all kind.

You can buy my mP3s here, and listen to them anytime,any place. That’s my dream, that when you need me, I’ll be able to give you something to get you through a tricky moment and that ‘something’ will keep on working for you.


Choose an Mp3 to solve your most pressing problem now.

I can guarantee you’re buying the best of top-class products and that using them will make a difference to you. I have two post-graduate degrees in training, coaching and teaching and 25 years of ‘class room’ experience.

I’m a trained Yoga and meditation teacher, and learned to be a voice artist so I could bring my work into the world using audio. I record in top-class studios, with an engineer and producer and use music on some tracks, that has been composed for the purpose. It’s good stuff!  300,000 downloads from my meditation podcasts confirm that a lot of people like it so please, try one today and let me know how it works for you. Comment or write to me with your issues: debsdevries@gmail.com

With love

  • menopause help, perimenopause helpI was terrified when my menopause dreams first awoke. I had been used to living on the surface of my life and their presence in my belly unnerved me: like an unexpected, unplanned pregnancy that I had no reason to terminate. I ignored them hoping they would go away.   They did not go away. They bumped and jostled my bones and my heart and brain - pushing, always, ALWAYS pushing - they wanted to show themselves in public. To make me demonstrate them. Such. Madness. As if.   I fought to keep them in. I strapped them down. I tied them up with bands of censorious thought and turned back to my hum drum ho hum life. But little by little they seeped through the cracks in my day. They were crafty: sly. Some days I'd think they had gone. My mind would stop the reel of the crazy movies and switch to mundane matters. I would sigh with sheer relief. Thank God the craziness they suggested would not have to be admitted. I could hunker down and hide behind the mask of the quiet woman.   Better stay hidden, than come out raving and dancing. Better even still to guarantee the outcome of my years, based on the investment of a great deal of good behaviour than risk it all in a chaotic leap into the seething cauldron of my own psyche.   Ha! They had not subsided at all.  No. They had  only paused for as long as it took to create another wave. And another. Until the Tsunami of the seventh began to break the lock  and chain on my heart. I panicked. I will admit it..   The Dreams poked and protruded into my waking life. Took me helpless on technicolor ramblings about the Universe - this one and others, just for fun. They dragged me reluctant to into scrapes and jaunts and slightly embarrassing situations until I weakened and - frustrated, gave way. I let them flow in while sobbing with frustration and at my own pea sized ability to bury them, manage them or disown them.   With a persistence way beyond the force of my futile resistance they continued to drive me: forcibly challenge my beliefs: destroy my limitations. Enough: my marriage was threatened; my family could lose a housewife. Never a mother, but likely, a housewife. I begged them to drown me, for I could not countenance living as this crazy woman. I'll be shot. Censored. Burned maybe. Laughed at and ignored, certainly. "Ha" said my Dreams. "Just as you chose before. You ignored US. Such madness to ignore your dreams. Your own children, clamouring to play. Screaming to be given voice: life: space: air. And who are you to do that? How dared you, little woman, censor US?" "You dared, small and arrogant one, but your spirit is ever triumphant and we win. It is our time now".   I trembled. They were so, SO much bigger than I. Even inside of me, I knew their scope, their vastness. Let them have life? Let them drag me with them, me kicking, screaming, heels dragging the dust and eyes screwed shut as they rampaged me around the globe, making every one stare. Worse still, I'd have to stay where I was known and face the censure of small town England. Oh Goddess. No.   But they came anyway. Seeping into my life, making me say and do things I would never have ever done or dared to own. They were satisfied eventually, when nothing of my old life remained barring an indelible bond between my son and I, two dogs and my (huge) shoe collection.   And one still dawn  I sat up and opened my eyes and saw what they had wrought for me.   Day after day filled with delights. Dancing in the moonlight and rain was the norm now. Singing as I worked, I took for granted. Laughing when I wanted to, cantering across the mole hills on my pretend pony and never being woken by an alarm clock, breathing the smell of grass and sheep and sun and rain when I needed to. They had not drowned me, my Dreams. They had simply freed my petrified fingers from the anchor of disbelief and carried me with them.  

Debs De Vries

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