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Law of Attraction, EFT, and Money

Law of Attraction to bring more money into your life may not be working for you. In this article, using EFT techniques taught by Carol Look and Jessica Ortner, you can clear space in your emotional field so that it’s more likely that using Law of Attraction can work for you.

Stress: the Soul, Stars and Science.

Stress is sometimes caused by our need to completely ‘know’ why something is the way it is. Much contemporary thinking encourages us to think that if we ‘know’ all the facts, we can fix things. But sometimes, we can’t know everything and even if we did, we can’t go back in time and fix things. This article examines how we can give ourselves a bit more breathings space by remembering it’s OK not to know sometimes, and instead, just do the ‘work’ that is necessary, to help and heal.

Spring Equinox 2011 – stay focussed and keep growing.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the ‘chaos’ then take some simple steps, right where you are. In doing so, you are developing your capability to do more and in so doing, you are making a difference to the world around you. Think small: act big.

Lighten the darkness: why not worrying is more help than you think.

As the tragic plight of Japan deepens, we all want to help. Many of us are worried and feel threatened, scared and helpless while still wishing to be of service in some way. This article explains why learning to focus on the good and ditching worry for ever will do the most for everyone concerned.