Bills, bills BILLS – can make you feel ill. Here’s how to stop that sinking feeling . . .

This week, here is something to help you refocus, when the bills mount up.

I know some people won’t have a problem with this but for those that do, and get really”triggered” by debts, bills and overdrafts, I’ve made a new video affirmation to help you stay out of anxiety. Now this won’t pay the bills of course – but neither will worry. The object of the exercise is to get into a’resourceful’ state. When you are in a resourceful state, you make better choices. When you are healthy and energised, you make better choices. And that’s just the beginning.


Rememeber, *even* a bill is a symbol of money. Yes, it is also a tangible debt statement thatneeds to be dealt with, but when you bring your internal energy into a calm and acceptingstate , you are doing yourself a favour on many levels. Simply aligning with this state internallywill help you to maintain peace within and focus on gratitude, which in turn, elevates your energy.


I hope you find it really, really useful.

Worrying over the bills? An affirmation to calm and refocus.