What To Do To Be Healthy and Well at Work – 6 Simple and Effective Tips

Health and wellbeing help to keep you in a secure living, and also enjoy life outside of your job. Here are 6 easy daily steps to stay well at work and none of them will take you more than a few minutes!

What To Do to Improve Low Self Esteem & Increase Confidence

WHAT TO DO TO IMPROVE LOW SELF ESTEEM AND INCREASE CONFIDENCE. IF you find yourself constantly thinking that you are 'less than' everybody else, you are probably carrying the burden of low self-esteem. And that is not an easy burden to carry. And has anyone ever told you that you’re just fine as you are, right now? ...

The Top Five ways to Live and Die without Regrets – from the mouths of the dying

Dying with regrets is surely the scariest part of living. Have you done a death-bed review? It may sound a bit morbid, but in my experience, it really adds fire to your life

How to Increase Money Confidence & Flow in your life.

Did you know that money is not something that is simply generated by taking or getting it from someone else. In that equation there is no authentic growth and that, my friends, is counter to the very nature of our Universe itself. It is partly why we are in such a mess in our current financial paradigm, with the focus centred always in some kind of conflict where one side gains and another ‘side’ loses. You deserve financial flow and if you change your thoughts, beliefs and actions, you will change your money story too.

Money worries? Here’s an affirmation that won’t feel like you’re fibbing!

Some affirmations leave you feeling a bit – fakey – they don’t match how you feel now. This gap has been neatly filled by using Debs de Vries’ powerful and innovative affirmation method. Try it now and see how good it feels.

Resolve not to resolve. Water wears rock.

There's just something so - rock like - about the word 'resolve'. It feels rigid. I don't think anything beautiful can grow around something so unbending. Nature is  movement. We are movement. Why set a rigid framework and make life tough, when you can achieve the same results with more grace, more fluidity? Of course you ...