How to Increase Money Confidence & Flow in your life.

Did you know that money is not something that is simply generated by taking or getting it from someone else. In that equation there is no authentic growth and that, my friends, is counter to the very nature of our Universe itself. It is partly why we are in such a mess in our current financial paradigm, with the focus centred always in some kind of conflict where one side gains and another ‘side’ loses. You deserve financial flow and if you change your thoughts, beliefs and actions, you will change your money story too.

Money worries? Here’s an affirmation that won’t feel like you’re fibbing!

Some affirmations leave you feeling a bit – fakey – they don’t match how you feel now. This gap has been neatly filled by using Debs de Vries’ powerful and innovative affirmation method. Try it now and see how good it feels.

How to be successful: Part 4

I  just re-read my last post and the image of the chef mixing ingredients for a particular recipe was quite vivid for me - perhaps because it's worth noting that chefs vary in their culinary skills. If you've ever eaten a meal you wished you hadn't then you'll know that the wearing of a  chef's ...

Law of Attraction, EFT, and Money

Law of Attraction to bring more money into your life may not be working for you. In this article, using EFT techniques taught by Carol Look and Jessica Ortner, you can clear space in your emotional field so that it’s more likely that using Law of Attraction can work for you.