Dreamers – who’s standing up for your dreams?

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“It had to be you, wonderful you, it had to be you!”

Dreams are real things waiting to happen.

Are you ready to tend and defend them?  Speak up for them, stand up for them, do the things that will open the way for them?  Don’t wait. That only makes the Universe stand still. Move, one step at a time, just move and believe. The journey is worth it.  Or you could just stay where you are and wonder why ‘nothing’ is happening . . . magic happens when we step out of our current zone into the place of not-knowing. That’s why it’s magic.

Remember – it has to happen through you – not to you. You are the conductor of the energy, the holder of the dream and the champion of your soul. Whatever your dream, be it lofty or lowly it matters not at all. You are entitled to create. Go, create.