How to be successful. Part 1.

I’m inspired to share what I know but as soon as I had written the heading, I began to doubt whether I had any right to discuss this topic. After all, what IS success?

And that is exactly where I began my own enquiry four years ago. What is success? Despite what the common perception is, it’s as different for you as it is for me. And that was my starting point – in essence, my challenge was to develop a path to success for me that would reflect my uniqueness and yet draw from all the wisdom and skills I would  need – whether it be N.L.P., Khalil Gibran or Jack Canfield -without copying them blindly.

So here is the first piece in my success “system”.

“A successful person is one who consistently makes good/great choices for her/himself”.

It may seem a bit disassociated  (from the topic) at first, but allow me to unpack it a little more. This statement is in effect, the foundation piece that you need to monitor all your thoughts, beliefs  and actions – and they, in turn, support  your deepest desires and dreams.

So, you can apply this ‘test’ to anything to check whether it is really in line with the path that leads to  your success. After all, your true power is choice so if every choice you make takes you one step more in  the direction you really want to go – then how much simpler (theoretically!) is your life going to be?

In fact, it may not be that your life feels simpler, per se, but that your choice/decision making process gets simpler, thereby alleviating you of the burden of being torn in many directions. You’ll feel clearer, less ‘psychically’ uncertain and more integrated in your actions. Downside? Your new-found clarity may create attrition – things you once thought or believed; people you once sought; activities that once filled a gap – these may need to be left behind.

For one thing is sure, people who really want to ‘get’ somewhere do apply themselves with conviction, commitment and focus. The trick is to choose your destination wisely and consciously, for, as sages of all ages have taught us “where your attention goes, energy flows”. Hence many of us end up in places we’d rather not have, as a result of taking actions whose consequences we were not clear about. I suppose that’s called “growing up” but let’s face it, not everybody does that!

Next blog will talk about how to put your dreams and desires at the top of  your list – without losing sight of reality!

  • Yvonne Howe-Gould

    I love receiving your mail and find it very inspiring. Thanks

    • Hello Yvonne, I’m happy you enjoy it: it’s really
      special for me to know that I’m connecting with
      ‘real’ people – folks like me who are trying
      to figure it all out. I hope what I share
      adds something useful to your own life.


  • Hi Debs,

    I love receiving your blog and words of wisdom, especially in trying times!

    Thank you so much.


    • Thank you Amanda. There is no doubt, times are really testing us. For me it’s the time to really crack on with making my passions manifest in the world – but it’s not an easy task. I find the more we all share how we truly feel and what our dreams are, the more inspired and empowered we become. Hang in there – next year it should ease up!