How to be successful: part 2

Success strawberry - heartfelt and functional.

Purpose is driven by passion.

In other words, to be living your passion equates to:

What you ‘do’ being  truly who you ‘are’. And the moral of that story  is . . .  if you want to be successful in a way that is truly fulfilling,  long-term sustainable and makes you feel alive, get into your passion.

You’ve heard it all before, I’ll bet. But have you taken that scary step from the comfort zone of what you’re doing now, to doing the thing that makes your heart sing? If you have, then congratulations.  If not, then don’t despair – jumping from what seems like a ‘certainty’ that pays your bills, into the wide, open ocean of learning to make a living from your passion doesn’t have to be a heroic action. You can take your time and grow into it, right from where you are now.

Let’s get back to passion. What do I mean by that? OK – if you stripped away all that you  have and all that you do that doesn’t really set you on fire, what would still be there – what little flame would still be burning bright inside of  you?

My ‘flame’ is words. Pictures. Movement. I have to express them. I’d shrivel up if I couldn’t. And I like to express them in ways that help, heal and invigorate and amuse.  I love to share all that I’ve learned and all that feels to me like the best, most refined offering of all the juiciest wisdom of the world. I’ve read literally tons of books – lorry loads of them – from Yogic wisdom to N.L.P., from academic tomes on motivation and psychology to new age philosphy. I’ve been reading for 50+ years – and as for life experiences – I’ve had a few! I’ve taught what I know to real, live people and what I have discovered is this: my passion is to liberate people from the puzzles and difficulties of their lives as best I can.

So, before we go another step, what is your passion? What deeply moves you? And don’t be thinking it has to be a ‘worthy’ cause. Cupcakes, West Highland terriers, Italian cookery – all passions are equal because each soul is having a unique experience on its journey.

Go on – give yourself a moment to be deeply honest about this. What would you do, if money was no object or problem? Given that you’re allowed to slob-out for as long as it takes to get over what you’re doing now . . .. then, what would you do?  And if  you feel like sharing your particular passion, then please, post. It would be so inspiring to hear what moves you.

  • Linda

    I am never far away from my passion. I love nature and it never ceases to amaze me at how many tones of green there are and how these green’s change colour in the sun light or after the rain. My eyes give me my passion. It has always been what my eyes could see that gives me pleasure. How simple… is that. .. If I ever lost my sight I would feel the emptiest soul alive. The question what would I do if money was no object gives me a real problem because my soul journey has really taught me that my best things are actually free. For example I drove around the Derwent reservoir on Sunday and my peripheral vision made what was a short journey go on for an eternity. Debs keep up your good work. I love to read your stuff. Linda