How to be successful: Part 4

I  just re-read my last post and the image of the chef mixing ingredients for a particular recipe was quite vivid for me – perhaps because it’s worth noting that chefs vary in their culinary skills. If you’ve ever eaten a meal you wished you hadn’t then you’ll know that the wearing of a  chef’s hat does not a chef make! In becoming successful we also need to develop certain skills as well as attitudes before we can produce that which we dream of.


Being aware of what you can and you cannot do well enough (yet)  to walk your particular path is common sense of course. So make sure you pause now and then to assess the skills/attitudes/resources  that are needed for your chosen goal,  profession, dream job, sabbatical – whatever you are aiming for.

Make a list  of those resources – and then apply the same ‘ingredients needed’ system to your self.  Make a second  list. Now look for the gaps between the two.  In my old profession,  this was sometimes referred to as a “Training needs analysis”. How dull that sounds but how necessary!

When you have identified your ‘gaps’ you can work out how to fill them. It needn’t be you doing everything of course – and I have found that it’s often when you step out into the unknown  of the ‘gap’  that you mmeet new people and opportunities who help lift you to a new level.

I am aware that a number of people use affirmations and Law of Attraction to create change and this is a good starting place. However, applying Law of Attraction and not changing anything you do (or not changing enough) is simply not going to create new manifestations.  The problem – as I see it – with some of the L of A teaching, is that it implies that  you continue to be  as you are and expect change.  However, if, by being that way you are  ‘out of alignment’ to your new thought patterns and beliefs – if what you think and feel doesn’t get mirrored by how you act and who you change into – then even though the L of A will be in operation, you won’t benefit because you won’t ‘see’ or respond to the opportunities as some of them will demand a change or new perspective from you. As Einstein said, “a problem cannot be resolved at the level at which it was created”.


So, practical steps are always needed to mirror the more cerebral changes we make. Let me give you an example. Years ago, I woke up one morning with a phrase buzzing in my head. “My mission is to be the highest expression of Joy on this planet that I can be”.  It felt very true to my inner core and I nursed it and repeated it for a few more years until one day – some psychic cog turned in my head – and I thought, “hang on, if this is my mission, why am I not being more joyful? Where  am I missing out on doing or feeling things that bring me joy?”  I can tell you that  I woke up with a jolt when I realised I had received  this wonderful gift  of a ‘mission’ but jogged on like a  little hamster on a wheel not actually getting anywhere.


So leap off the wheel for a day or so and work out what it would take, in simple, practical terms, for  you to get from your current A to your dreamed-of B. And as for me, thank goodness for computers, calculators, and Google. I am not a numbers woman.  Mind you, I have just completed some hard landscaping in my new back yard, mainly to prevent Carter dog from digging for invisible rats – but I think he secretly knew what was in my mind and just pushed me to get it done. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been led by a dog . . .