Lighten the darkness: why not worrying is more help than you think.

In common with the rest of the world, my heart is aching for the Japanese who are mourning, freezing and fearful. And in common with all compassionate people, I want to do something. My feelings are mixed too, as I fear that the radiation will leak from the reactors and suddenly, this tragedy will be in my back yard. A little part of me doesn’t like that at all. So, a quick blog from me and I hope it helps you too.

We are taught to worry. We are taught that worrying is a necessary part of life and that it ‘shows’ we care. If we don’t worry, there is something ‘wrong’ with us. “We couldn’t care less”.

I disagree and on many grounds. I care deeply and I am sure you do too. So tell me, how will worrying help the Japanese? How will it help you and your loved ones? If I am crippled, can I help you to carry your load?

We know that ouur world is composed of subtle and physical energies, all interweaving. At long last, science is backing up the knowledge that has been held for aeons, in Daoism, Ayurveda, Egypt and more places than I can name. What does that mean for us in this moment?

Imagine you are a collection of atoms and cells – well, you are. But just imagine that as though you could see those atoms and cells as little spheres of white light, capable of receiving and transmitting natural energies. Now, as you picture that, think of your brain processing beliefs that drain your ‘light’. Imagine yourself ‘worrying’. Imagine, only for a moment mind – that you are having thoughts that make you feel sad, impotent, scared and angry. Your energy field begins to dim: your aura gets cloudy and grey as a result, and you can no longer affect those around you positively. You may sense it even if you can’t quite believe it, but you can’t help Japan if you lose your own power. Equally you can help if you retain balance.

At times of great trauma, what is required is for us all to focus on the good things – I am not a woolly-minded sheep who doesn’t see the tragedy but I do say, if you can’t do something constructive then do something positive. Preferably do both. Use your feelings to make a difference to your locality. Help where you can. Focus on the wonders that occur when we all pull together. Marvel at the outpouring of love, care and help that is coming through as a result of this tragedy. Focus on the nobility and power of the human spirit which unlike the body, is indestructible. Teach your friends and your children to act as though they were helping the Japanese by being extra-kind and thoughtful to each other. Donate what you can in terms of money and let it go without expectation.

Use everything for learning: use everything for love. And make yourself an instrument of peace and help. When you feel good, you are creating more good in the world. Never underestimate how powerful you are and yes, one spark can start a revolution. You are not responsible for the Tsunami, or the melting-down of the reactors. You are responsible for what you put into the world however and the good news is, you can choose what that is. Make a choice that reflects how you would truly choose to live and be remembered.

  • Really good ideas! I have been hunting for something similar to this for a time finally. Thanks!