Money Worries? Here’s a way forward . . .

Do money worries grind you down and drain your spirit?  The getting of it: the spending of it: the keeping and saving of it, are issues that literally consume much of your thought and time. And if you haven’t got enough, life can be hard and scary.

I believe it’s time for a massive change in our consciousness around money. Our world is full of fear about it. Words telling us how little there is abound. Words like “cuts” “shortages” “running out” “bankruptcy” “recession” and so on, increase the amount of fear and panic many of us feel. I am not suggesting the words disappear but I am suggesting you don’t have to place all your belief in them.

Economists have said money is as infinite as we want it to be. There is a huge amount of money in the world already. So why doesn’t it end up in your pocket? Remember, there was a time before cash existed. Then, some societies created systems where money became  a form of exchange representing goods and services. Since then, sometimes there seems to be more of it:  sometimes there seems to be less.  We get recessions and growth and bubbles and inflation and deflation and . . .. it’s a drama. If you scrape away all the high-flown economic terminology: the endless facts and figures from accountants (and how accurate are they?) drop the hyperbole from the press – what have you really got?

I would say you’ve got the same old human battle over who has and who has not. In a society which believes that  if A has more then B has less, who is going to ‘win?’  Do you want to be a “B” or are you fighting to be an “A”? Do you accept that ‘have and have not” are the only way to organise things? How do  you change when institutions and governments don’t?

In order to free yourself from this disheartening battle, do something different. Use your precious time and attention and take back your personal power by creating a happier, healthier relationship with money. And you can do that in your head and your heart, no matter what is happening around you.

I created a short audio called “Love your Money”. Yes, this is a plug and I don’t have any shame over it! I want to see people free from worry and anxiety and the first step is to adjust your thinking so that fear doesn’t own you. In my audio, you’ll simply be guided to switch your thinking to appreciation for whatever you do have, no matter how little it is.   This ‘switch’ is like choosing another energy tariff. If you listen to the audio often enough, you’ll notice you start to think about yourself and your money in a warmer, stronger and more open way. This is the first step in attracting more of the good stuff to you.

With love


Money abundance