Passion, purpose and – poop?

Getting where you want to go in life and being who you want to be,  is perhaps, your biggest – maybe only – task in life. Sure, it breaks down into many smaller questions and areas, but the way I see it, that’s the deal.  Figuring out how to make ‘it’ work either consumes you – or overwhelms you. I aim, via this blog, to deal as simply as possible with the questions that face us all. Today: Passion, purpose and poop. Really? Yes, really.

PASSION : you can’t get anywhere without it. And you don’t need to fake it. When you look at your goals, do they light you up – from the inside? Or are they things that you think  you “ought” to do, or would make you look good or succesful, if you did. Be honest. Now.

If passion isn’t truly firing you up on all cylinders, keep playing with your goals until they feel real. Imagine you have to set a piece of cotton wool on fire with the flame of your passion: if it’s as cool as a damp weekend in Fall, that flame isn’t going to burn – and neither will you be truly and totally engaged in your own path.  How could you be engaged when your heart and soul isn’t? And don’t kid yourself that money ‘comes first’. If paying the bills is really what turns you on, then fine . . .. but remember, money will arise when you turn your attention to unleashing your particular gifts and talents in the world.

And that brings me to PURPOSE.  If you have a purpose, then express it. And please, don’t get caught up in the rights and wrongs of it. The fact is, you are a unique being – a once-only event in the whole history of the universe – and as such, your purpose is unique. It may be mainstream: it may be quirky – and if you don’t know it, then make that a priority. Start by going back to your childhood and reconnecting with all the things that made you excited and willing to give your time to.

POOP. That’s my polite way of referring to blockages. Everyone knows that the path to personal fulfillment is not smooth. You are likely to encounter problems along the way and the trick to this, is to understand that what you perceive as problems are in fact, a signal that you are holding a limiting belief in your sub-conscious. So be realistic when you set your goals – by which I mean expect that you will be challenged. My next post will include references to some easy ways to uncover and de-programme blockages – without going through years of psycho-analysis or re-traumatising yourself.  So don’t hesitate to set your intentions as energy flows where attention goes. But do arm yourself with the tools that you need for the trip. As everything you want is always just outside your comfort zone, you can expect to be uncomfortable – but don’t stay in that state, use it to ignite a message to you to move forward with new insights.  You might like to help yourself by using one of the tailor-made self-help guided meditations or coaching sessions from me, made with love and care for you at:

To start you off, I’d recommend “Accepting myself” and “Gift”.

Bon voyage!

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