POOP – how to use ‘blockages’ to fuel your engines.

I’d like to start by stating one of my basic beliefs about life. Within that context, I hope you make better sense of what I am about to share – and it would be great if you can use it to help yourself.

My basic premise is that growth is the impulse that drives all life. It could be simplistically stated that the “Universe” wants you to grow. In fact, you are programmed to grow – and on many levels – both tangible and intangible. Growth isn’t always pleasant or comfortable and neither does it often accord with your own concepts of growth and expansion. Sometimes, growth – which I say comes from ‘lived experiences’ – hurts.

Over time, reminders of painful and hurtful events are stored in the human body, in cells and tissues. These memory traces are accessed by our brain and the intelligence of our body. In Yogic tradition, these are known as “samskaras’ – a word with a meaning like ‘grooves’. Think of repeated patterns that create a particular-shaped pathway. Now consider that the behaviour arising from these ‘ pathways’ might be useful – or not. Circumstances change and so a behaviour that once was useful (say, fear of water ) becomes “not useful” (when you want to learn to swim). In other words, situations can drive behaviour that might be really inappropriate, but it won’t be obvious ‘why’.

OK, what has all this to do with poop? Blockages in the system? What is important here, is that blockages in a system – or blocked energy pathways – diminish the amount of energy available to us and keep us feeling ‘stuck’ (“Nothing changes, even though I want it to”). I have noticed (and I don’t claim any originality here) that by what is to me, a magical process, where I have blockages, I will eventually notice them because my life (my ‘lived experiences’) will show them to me.

Money isn’t flowing? Health is poor? Lovers leaving? Hmm. If I discount all the illusionary tales I have around those concepts, (“I wasn’t born to be rich”; “Everyone gets sick as they age” ; “I’m not really relationship material”) and remember that money, lovers and health are but reflections of my internal energy state, then I know where I have to look to unblock the silted up pool of my life force.

Years ago, when I was a very very new student to the study of Metaphysics, I had a lovely – well, useful – insight. Nature, being my greatest teacher, answered my question about what happens to my ‘energetic crap’ when I move it out of my system.

“&hit makes things grow” was what came to me in one meditation.

Nothing is wasted in life or nature! We are designed to grow and learn and once we recognise a blockage (and that takes some doing, as the programmes of the ego will first seek to ‘blame’ almost anyone or anything else for our ‘problems’) we are on the way to learning from it!

Don’t hesitate to leap onto the process by taking full responsibility for anything and everything that isn’t working in your life. Please do it. That is the key to open a door which will swing wide open to your liberation.

There are countless ways of freeing up your energy. It depends what flavour of work you like. Remember that energy flows from belief to thoughts to action (or non-action). So, choose a system that will help you to radically realign your beliefs so that your thoughts and actions will robustly align with and support – your dreams and goals.

After years of working in a myriad of ways with my own blockages, here is my list of the best tools around: I use them all, shamelessly greedy as I am for personal growth and liberation.

1. Emotional Freedom Technique. Tap on it! Quick, easy to learn, psycho-babble free and you can do it yourself. By accessing and activating certain meridians on the body, limiting beliefs can be re-programmed. I love it.

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I think I first did a course on this because it sounded so scary. In fact, it’s another simple but profound method of understanding the way you make sense of the world. Remember, the meaning you give to an event is NOT concrete. It’s just your interpretation. This is very important to ‘get’ and very hard for the ego to accept. Oh dear.

3. Yoga – where the emphasis is on correct Yogic breathing and the understanding of how energy is flowing in the ‘chakras’ or energy centres. Also includes the study of what the chakras represent and how this affects the way you are in the world.

4. Meditation. Goes with the above – and learning to observe your behaviour and thoughts will help you in every part of your life.

5. Journalling, dancing, singing, acting,forgiveness and energy work such as Reiki all have their part to play as does getting regular body work, doing Chi Gung and other forms of exercise that focus on moving energy with the breath.

I would counsel you to avoid anything that keeps you ‘stuck’ in your story or retraumatises you. Biggest tip – never ask “why?”. You’ll only get stuck in a head drama that you just can’t answer. Instead, I tell my students, ask “what?” “What belief or behaviour would serve me better?”. “What have I learned”, “What do I have to do to move past this”.

Bon voyage pooper troopers!

N.B. Forgiveness is a good tool to help you free up.

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  • dee harry

    Darling, here I am having a duvet day on account of a build-up of toxic sludge making me feel achey and ikky….and what does this wonderful Universe slide under my little Jewish nose but this gift??!! Thank you, thank you, and congratulations….it rocks and resonates, and so do you my luverly cuz!

    • admin

      That is awesome! I am so amazed that this found its way to you . . . the Universe really does have our “backs”. I wish you a sweet duvet day or two, while your blockages unwind.

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      Hi Gayle

      Thank you. I really appreciate you taking time to post and I’ll keep it going!