Power up your life: quantum help for making things happen.

Manifesting money, health, love relationships – anything – is a co-creative act. It’s so – called because you create the ideas. You create the dreams. You create the tools (thoughts; beliefs: words and actions) that shape your creation on its way into manifestation.

The “co” part refers to your creative  partner. Let’s call your partner “The Universe”, without getting too bogged down in what that means precisely, but let’s accept that it includes the physical world.  Science is continually redefining our understanding of the physical world so that it’s now quite common to talk about the ‘quantum field’ as part of that concept.  This web, or field,  of sub-atomic particles, makes up everything that is – and as these particles are responsive to each other – continually weaving and changing – they are also responsive to you. You are also made up from these particles.  Now how do you get your co-creative partner to respond in ways that help you to bring your ideas and dreams into being?

The last article in this series looked at the part of the process that involves setting intentions and tapping into the feelings you want to create by achieving your goal. This is an absolute key: you cannot skip the feeling part because it is one of the ways that you cause a change and a reaction in the quantum field – by emanating different feeling vibrations from your own physical/emotional body you cause change in the entire field of ‘life’.

In order to power up the process of manifestation, there is an additional step to complete. The feelings associated with the words “Gratitude” – in fact, the vibration of the word itself, act as a powerful ‘amplifier’ in your body and therefore, in your energy field. All words have an effect of course. But for this exercise, focus on noticing what you do have – no matter how different it is from what you want and expressing gratitude for it. F or instance, if you do dream of having a new car, be grateful for whatever transport you already have.  Not just once – you are building a wave of gratitude in your energy field, so repeat as often as you think of it. This is not a moral issue. This is an issue of energy creation so go for it. Practice saying and feeling words of thanks and gratitude for every little thing so that you build and amplify your personal energy field.

If you would like to see evidence of how the word “gratitude’ affects water crystals, take a look at these utterly beautiful pictures, taken by the awesome Dr Masaru Emoto

Water, consciousness and intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto

As the comment at the end of the video reads:
“If our thoughts can do this to water, imagine what our thoughts do to us. Up to 60% of our body is water”.

True. In some sources you’ll hear that up to 70% of our body is water – and the amount of water on our planet is in the same proportion.  Thoughts and words are tools of creation and they are already in your grasp. Just change the way you use them and notice the difference in your experiences of life.

In my next article, I’ll explore why some things don’t seem to happen in the time frame you’d like them to – and why manifestation can be fraught with frustration.