Experiencing Good Health


KEY 1 to Wellbeing is  Good Health

It's not easy to feel 'well' when you are suffering, tired or have been out of condition for a while.

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Everyone experiences challenges to their health from time-to-time but whatever your current health challenge is  you need the right mental attitude to re-connect with a sense of ‘good health’ and get motivated.

This Mp3 coaching session is perfect for you if:

You have been unwell and wish to regain your physical health
You have suffered a major health change and need a new direction for your health regime
You have lost interest in your current regime and are looking for a new way of being physically active
You have recently had a baby, or have young children, and you cannot exercise in the way that you used to
You have a long-term illness or condition that limits what you can do physically, but you would like to enjoy the body-memory of exercise to keep you ‘in touch’ with those feelings.
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