Expressing Anger & Forgiving Others


Feel your frustrations melt away when you learn how to express your anger – without blame or shame. Forgiveness follows the expression of your angry feelings – it can’t work before hand – so learn now how to express clearly and move on. Become more empowered and confident as you practice this in the privacy of your own mind.

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Anger is a powerful emotion. When it is not properly expressed it can lead to a shutdown in healthy communications. In turn, this then reduces your self-confidence by creating ‘no go’ areas – and plays havoc with your inner peace. It can result in self-sabotage, broken relationships and illness when turned inwards.

This session is critical if you want to practice empowered ways of expressing your anger and long to find a win/win outcome to thorny situationos. The added dimension of   forgiveness will increase your inner peace and you’ll feel more ‘at one’ with life.

This coaching session is perfect for you if:

You are working very hard to ‘keep the peace’ in a job and/or your relationships
You feel uncomfortable with anger, either when you express it or others express it
You grew up in an atmosphere where expression of anger meant fear, punishment, harm or loss
You know what you want to say – but when you try to say it, it just seems to ‘make things worse’
You know you are angry, but you dare not ‘let it out’
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