Magic Tree


An Mp3 relaxation for when you haven’t got a moment for yourself.

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  • When you have so many things to do and you don’t know what to do first
  • When your faith and patience are worn to nothing.
  • When you realise it’s been far too long since you spent time outside
  • When life feels as though it’s speeding by – and you just can’t stop it . .

This beautiful, magical visualisation helps you to reconnect to the natural rhythms of nature and the land.
It’s no secret that our bodies have rhythms – patterns that support health and wellbeing. Day, night, heart, breath, action, rest . . . and when you lose the rhythm, life can feel like an up-hill struggle. Stop for a moment and get back in tune with yourself.

This visualisation is also perfect when:

You feel that despite your best efforts, nothing is happening the way you want it to
You seek inspiration for a project
You long for a deeper connection with nature, but maybe live in a place that makes this hard to do
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