Self Acceptance


The hardest thing sometimes is to accept yourself exactly as you are, know your own value and realize that you are truly unique and important. When you do this, your life transforms and you can really begin to feel confident and happy.

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The first step in true and lasting self confidence is accepting who you are, right now. It seems simple but it’s often the main – and hidden – obstacle that keeps you bouncing from feeling good to feeling doubt.

In this life skills coaching session, you go on a magical, yet profound, inner journey. It is one that begins the process of lovingly accepting who you are and of course, you can repeat it as often as you like. In doing this, you begin to feel a genuine loving acceptance of who you are.

Self Acceptance is for you, if:

You have felt, or often feel, that you are always doing the ‘wrong thing’
You are continually haunted by feelings of ‘not being good enough’ or fear that you will never ‘succeed’
You feel that your childhood lacked the right kind of love and encouragement
You are having difficulty being loving with yourself, and others
You fear others finding out that you are inadequate in some way
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