How to Ride Life When It’s a Wild Horse

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Love it, don't tame it.

Love it, don’t tame it.

Life can be like a wild horse: it will buck, rear, kick, drop  you in the bit of the paddock where there are the most nettles and poo: occasionally step heavily on your foot and often drop a shoulder to unseat  you, just when you thought it was all going beautifully.


There are a range of things you can do:


Blame the horse (top choice) aka Blame ‘life’.

Never try again. (Give up, sulk).

Figure out what went wrong and whether it was in fact, jockey error.

Sell the horse, or leave it to smugly munch the expensive grass/hay/feed you supply.

Take endless lessons.


The first thing I ever learned about falling off a  horse, was to get right back on again. Without a thought. JFDI.


With the benefit of having my body trashed a few times using this method, and adopting my Yogic insight, I have a better idea.


When it all gets too crazee, get still.  You don’t HAVTA jump right back on because what you really, really need is to slow down the whirling mass of energy that is YOU. Only from a calm, clear ‘centred’ place can you make a safe next step. And with horses, you know that when you slow down and get still, they generally do too.


I’d like to quote something from the Angelic presence that is  Stewart Pearce, from his FB post yesterday. In a crisis of  finding himself drawn into anger and judgement,  he knelt to pray. He heard this:


“Find stillness in this moment of anger, and you will escape a hundred days of sorrow!” THANK YOU AA HANAEL.


In a society that values activity, busy-ness and movement, it takes discipline and practice to still yourself. I know.  But worth it? Oh that is a big, fat YES.  When you give up the need to correct, judge, fight, exert, argue and pout (you should now be wondering “what do I do instead?” and I will answer that soon)