How to Increase Money Confidence & Flow in your life.

Use this powerful MP3 audio to help your mind get new and positive ideas about money. If you use it before sleeping, it’s especially good.

Use EFT and Law of Attraction to attract more money

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Do you REALLY want to know the truth about ‘money’?


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Did you know that money is not something that is simply generated by taking or getting it from someone else?  It’s simply a physical representation of an  exchange of energy, ideas and goods, and as such, it is an unlimited ‘thing’.

If it was JUST about giving or taking, then in that equation there is no authentic growth and that, my friends, is counter to the very nature of our Universe itself. It is partly why we are in such a mess in our current financial paradigm, with the focus centred always in some kind of conflict where one side gains and another ‘side’ loses.

What if Money flows as  an energetic response to a feeling of abundance?

Consider this. If you could simply attract more of what you wanted, would you try?  If you chose to  give yourself 30 days to focus on what “is”  rather than what “is not”, how would that feel? And you don’t have to focus on what you have (or haven’t) because that is a head trip – just focus on anything that is abundant with a feeling of openess and excitement.

Look at someone else’s good fortune and affirm, “there is plenty of money around”. Look at the lives of the rich and famous and instead of thinking “It’s OK for them” say “How fabulous to live like that”. I promise you, if you keep it up, the worst that will happen is you will start to enjoy life a bit more . . .  and it won’t cost you a penny.

The way you feel is what the “universe” responds to, it is really, really important to keep your feelings flowing in a positive way. Negative thoughts and feelings slow up and ‘block’ the flow of universal energy and if you could change that, why wouldn’t you?

Here is a specially-designed Mp3 to use  regularly. It will help you feel better about the money (or even the lack of it in your life) and use it regularly to give yourself time to see the difference. No matter what, just commit to improving your thoughts and feelings and enjoying it! It’s designed with some special technology to  help you get in the financial flow you desire.

“Love Your Money” Mp3

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Increase money flow in your life with this Mp3 downloadable from link above.


And if you like video too, my  latest video will help reinforce the importance of watching your thoughts and words.

Increase your Power of Attraction to Money by Correctly Using Law of Attraction


To your financial freedom – one new thought at a time!!