Stress free living: this is the best advice The Holstee Manifesto

If you suffer from long-term stress, anxiety and worry then there’s very likely a part of you that is long-term disillusioned. A part of you that’s been defeated, disappointed and generally let-down by ‘life’.

But when did the disillusionment really start? I’m willing to bet it was a long time ago, very possibly when you first told someone what you wanted to be when you grew up: what you wanted to do and how you were going to make your way in the world. You may have been told you just didn’t understand, and that wasn’t the way life worked. You were ‘silly’ and ‘ridiculous’ to even thing those things.

I believe that we all come pre-programmed with the ‘thing’. The ‘thing’ that is going to sustain us for our lifetime. The way nature births all her animals and children is so that the ‘thing’ they need is there automatically, to guide them to survive and thrive. Whether that’s a hunting instinct; a knowing of how to fly thousands of miles to find the right food – or the realisation that your gift is to act, or make bread, or write software or….

Stress is a strange bedfellow; like a long-term lover, you get so used to the feeling of it, you hardly notice it’s there. The only way you can really tell is to look out at the mirror of your life and see the results reflected by the conditions around you.

Stress is the undercurrent that pulls you away from what you want every time, it diverts you from playfulness, from love, from fun because “these things won’t make you rich”. So I decided, having lived with self-doubt and low expectations, that I would never let my son believe he could be less than the dreams inside him.

As I watch him grow, and graduate, and love, work and play – see him confidently forge ahead with his life, which is so clear to him, I am pleased beyond measure that I didn’t burden him with the stress of wondering how to squeeze his spirit into the wrong shaped life.

Holstee have said it all: here in this video, is the manifesto which I’ve shared with my son, (without knowing the words) and I hope that if this touches even one heart, causes one person to say “** it, life is too short not to” then Holstee, and I, and every parent who has seen a child blossom into their true colours, will feel joy. The ultimate stress reliever is the self believer.