The Power of Patience … stamina and manifesting.

Patience is a vital component in the work of manifestation. I think it’s a pity that the idea of patience has lost credibility in our ‘instant’ world and that some manifestation teachers treat the tricky and arcane business of manifesting almost as though it were as simple as writing a shopping list. So, let’s take a step back and see what we’re up to here: – we’re physically aiming to affect the quantum field. That’s huge! We are dipping our little fingers in the great pool of All That Is and it’s not a kindergarten event. Now, I believe it’s our birthright to manifest and I also believe we need to develop and refine certain high-level skills and attitudes to do so successfully. And no, not because we are being ‘tested’ but simply because we are dealing with ‘things’ that behave in certain ways and don’t behave as we would ‘wish’ them to, simply because it fits in with our personal view.

So, let me talk a little about patience. Say,for example, that you have begun the co-creative process of manifesting a new job. You will, by definition, now be ‘holding’ the ‘energy’ of that idea within your energy field. Some part of you knows exactly how you will feel when you get that job – and therefore, is already feeling it. (Remember, you have to feel it first to activate the flow – nothing happens in the ‘future’ because the field in which we and all things are connected is only ‘now’). Stay attuned to that feeling – whether it’s excitement, joy, self-confidence – whatever it is -be patient and stay attuned to that feeling. And then, continue to be patient and attuned to that feeling – because the moment you lose patience, and act in a way that is counter to the vision that you hold, you lose your ‘signal’ – the Universal field can no longer align with you because, in simple terms, the TV set has been switched off.

Your signal will fluctuate. Every time you think about the reasons you want to leave your current job, for example. Every time you are tempted to rush and get a job that is just a bit less than you really wanted … every time you talk yourself down from your original idea. It’s natural. And it’s part of a strengthening process. As those thoughts arise, simply accept them – don’t shut them down – and likewise, just kiss them on the cheek, remind them of your new trajectory, and carry on feeling the feeling that reminds you of your new job.

Once you have developed enough mental and emotional stamina to stick to your dreams, you will find it easier and easier to have faith in yourself and the awesome ability of the “Universe” to bring you what you will. But take care as it will bring you anything that also aligns with other signals in your field – and if you pick up the first cheap and sparkly toy that comes your way, after investing in lofty dreams, then you’ll just have to start again. Remember: time and space are constructs only of the ‘third dimension’ i.e. the lumpy bit where we all live. The quantum field is not defined by time and space – so putting time limits on your dreams may inhibit, rather than create, your flow.

Stay true to yourself. And be more patient with your dreams than anyone else could possibly – or has ever – been. They are your real e-state.

  • Thx for taking the time to describe the terminlogy for the beginners!

    • admin

      Hi and thanks for stopping by to read! I hope it gives you some useful information and fuel for thought. I’ll be writing about the place of action in manifestation next week. Good luck!!