Too little money? A video affirmation to increase what you already have . . .

I expect you realise that The Law of Attraction does not work in isolation from the other natural Universal Laws.

In order to increase something, you first have to notice and pay attention to what is. Think of this as the stage in gardening when you first assess the state of your soil for instance, and then work with what it is to improve it.  You might weed it, fertilise it and dig it. So  the first step was acknowledgement and the second step was right action.

In the same way, when you improve your conscious relationship to money,  you will feel gratitude for money EVEN in a situation where it’s worryingly ‘short’  . At that point your ability to resonate and attract more of it  increases.  This approach recognises the Universal  Law of Correspondence which is about like attracting like –  so first improve the base level  of gratitude (which is a generative power flow)  and then attraction will correspond to your new consciousness.

In other words, work with what you have first  and then up-level!

Money gratitude affirmation