Wellbeing is the heart and soul of your party.

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Life is the party.  Good, bad, mad, sad, exhilarating, challenging – yes, but a party. How often have you sat on the sidelines waiting to join in the fun? Then consider this. There are three areas of life that you can radically affect that will increase your happiness levels by 40%.

So says Dan Buettner in his book “Thrive” Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way (Published by National Geographic).

Dan has actually researched across the globe, interviewing many different kinds of people and has discovered the  happiest groups on four continents. Now this is pretty useful information and in the book Dan gives us a plan to optimize our life choices. The great news is that by making even slight adjustments to three areas of our lives, we can improve our happiness levels.

So, if you are fretting and stressing about how life feels for you right now, here’s what to do. Change what you can and worry about the rest another day. By improving your choices around: –

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Social networks

you’ll begin to nourish your body and your spirit. Believe me, the rest will follow.

Start by listing anything that you currently do or do not do, that you believe is taking away from your health and happiness. Include toxic relationships (they are generally the ones in which you work very hard for approval and are driven nuts by wondering what else you need to do to make the other person happy), foods that you kinda know aren’t healthy for you but you just can’t make the break . . . lack of exercise or exercise that isn’t making you feel good about yourself .

List any thing that you wished you could do to increase your happiness quotient – make sure it’s something you can easily change (perhaps going dancing, reading more, relaxing properly,  spending more time with loved ones). Pick one thing, just one per week and change it. Don’t get into a head trip about it  by thinking it through – beyond deciding to do it – and take back your personal power – inch by inch if need be. Wellbeing is the key to a happy life, so don’t let the party end without you being there.