Wellness and stilettos. Stress from the ground up.

Wellness could be described as a state of comfort, internal and external.

Creating an absence of factors that over stress (because we know that some ‘stress’ is necessary to make us do stuff) has to be a real consideration for  anyone who is aware that they are suffering from too much stress.


Start simple, Start from the ground up – especially us girls. Shoes that pinch, drag, rub and put pressure on the front of the foot (thereby keeping the body in a ‘ready to run’ mode which after time, will cause a low-grade sense of anxiety – should only be used for either the  bedroom or any occasion when you can take them off as soon as possible. For centuries, fashion has dicated the shapes we assume in society – tiny waists, long necks, big hips – whatever – and the heel – beautiful as it is (and I have owned some stunners in my time) must also be viewed as a potential stressor. Just ask yourself what you feel when you take them off

The word is ‘relief’ and that word sums up what we are often needing. We need to breathe, expand, let go of constraints, both mental and physical – so find a way to bring some relief to your day – slip off your shoes, give your feet some love and smile.


Pain in feet,

I found the video from LisaMaree (above) really helpful. Use it for 12 minutes of peace and relief.

Wiggle your toes and stretch them – point and flex them and then make circles with the ankles making the moves. Your feet bear not only your body weight but also the downward push of gravity (I once saw a picture suggesting that it’s like having a couple of elephants on your shoulders). Poor posture will throw your back and hips out of alignment, cause shoulders  neck and head to misalign and generally monkey with your wellness.  So consider not only your feet, but the effect on the entire musculo-skeletal system – and save a few bucks into the bargain.


(Image thanks to http://www.ja.be)