What To Do to Improve Low Self Esteem & Increase Confidence


IF you find yourself constantly thinking that you are ‘less than’ everybody else, you are probably carrying the burden of low self-esteem. And that is not an easy burden to carry.

And has anyone ever told you that you’re just fine as you are, right now? Have you ever secretly thought that?

Or are you constantly plagued by the idea that you need to improve? Do you feel that whatever you do it’s not big enough, smart enough, or as good as someone else could do it? And do you actually hear that from others? You might also have the sense that not being good enough is all your fault?

Self-acceptance is one of the keys  to inner confidence, personal confidence, peace and the ability to truly be yourself – if not THE big key. If your childhood was one where you were made to feel small, stupid and inept, then bucking that programming is going to be one of the biggest, most powerful things you ever, EVER do for yourself! Truly – what you were told is simply not the truth.

Sure, you may not be movie star material or a brain surgeon, but there is a ‘you’ that is lovable, authentic and unique. You may reject the idea that this  matters, but  you are the only one who can be that person.

How does the idea of “self acceptance” make you feel? If you were to dig deep and believe that you are just fine – with all your human shortcomings – just as you are now, what would you say?

Just take a moment, right now, to consider your reaction to that suggestion and then ponder these ideas.

  • Does “self acceptance” mean that you have to like something about yourself that you currently don’t like?


  • Does it mean that you have to be stuck with your flaws forever?


  • Does you feel or hear an internal conflict – after all, it may be OK for you to accept something about yourself (for instance, a habit such as smoking) but what about the expectations of others – society, family and friends? Does it matter what they think and expect of you?
  • Who (if anyone)  gives you your sense of being accepted? When do they do that?



I’m going to share with you my answers to the above questions.


NO. Self-acceptance does not mean liking something about yourself that you don’t like. It does means seeing it, owning it and being responsible for it full on, no matter how yucky.

NO. It does not mean you have to be stuck with what you don’t like forever – if you accept it and decide to change it for reasons that are healthy for you.

YES. There is often a conflict between wanting to accept something about yourself but believing that others will not accept it. That’s a place of tension in which you can explore who you are, rather than who others want you to be.


But you don’t want so much tension over this that it causes stress, anxiety and hiding yourself behind behaviours that just aren’t you. That is why it is so important to begin to review all those areas in your life that are nagging away at you, and dragging you down so that your natural self-esteem can come to the fore – whether that’s about your money, your body or your preferences.

Self-acceptance is an act of personal responsibility. It’s an act of courage: an act of reclaiming your personal power because, no matter how much you dislike certain aspect of yourself, consider this: –

That behaviour got you to where you are now and no matter what you feel about those behaviours, the thoughts, ideas and actions were the resources you had to survive, to try to make yourself happy or at least safe.

So,  please invest some of the most important time you will ever spend on yourself, by regularly listening to one of my specially designed supercharged coaching mp3s.

This downloadable audio will take you into a very safe and personal place where you can begin to look at your life, not with judgement, but with love and compassion. The audio is designed with the best practice in guided visualisation and meditation  and it  can fit  into the little gaps in your life  to make it easy for you to find time. If you make a habit of listening for at least 21 days, you will reap the benefits of greater internal peace, and improved self-esteem and develop a habit that will get stronger and stronger, as you self-esteem and confidence grow.


Here’s the link to the mp3 “Accepting Myself”

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Low self esteem can be transformed by self acceptance.