Where worry takes you . . .

The inevitable destination of a journey travelled with worry is despair.
When you live in a fog of concern, you just can’t get your head clear enough to see where it is you really want to go and eventually, you’ll come to believe that despair and disappointment are inevitable.

Remember that the emotional imprint of your feelings become footprints on your path – either taking you closer to, or further away from, your dreams. So step boldly, with your eyes fixed on your desires. Deal lovingly and without drama with every gremlin, ghoul, genie and guru that appears to you, and remember, remember, remember, to choose emotions that lift you, while feeling and releasing those that don’t.

  • The Fog Is Lifting……
    The world is speeding up now, trying to live in the past is getting harder.
    Your universe is growing a new dimensional field thats pushing us forward. Thank God, that old way was getting boring haha. Picking your fun happy ways are the paths to your passions and your goals, be a child again, it works wonders. Fun Love and excitement shall be your motto and try that maximized path, you’ll never turn back.

    • So be it, Ron – and so it is. As you say, it works wonders!

  • Pat

    Useful tips! I have been seeking for everything similar to this for a while these days. Excellent!

    • Thank you for taking time to respond. I am happy that you are finding this work helpful. Let me know if there is a specific topic you’d like me to write about – I’d love to do that.

  • Linda

    Worry can take you to a deep dark place. That’s where the saying there is light at the end of the tunnel comes from but I always say to myself at times when I am worrying and feel in a dark lonely place that I must remember that I always carry a torch. My torch of hope and of ressurrection. A light that pulls me back. My personal attitude is that whilst one cannot always alter a situation one can always alter their approach to it.

    Carry your torch and spare batteries along with your little bag of faith.

    • Linda, This is a really helpful and powerful teaching. Could you tell us what you use for ‘spare batteries’? i.e. in moments of deepest darkness, what have you built up inside you that you can draw from? For me, there is a host of memories of how things always went better than expected and the way I build my memory bank is to do a daily ‘gratitude’ practice and also keep a journal. Thank you very much for your contribution.

      • Linda

        Hi Debs,

        Thank you for your post. My spare batteries are made of sparks of hope that glisten and when they collide they give out so much energy that they can power my torch. Nice communicating with you again. Been a while since we been in touch. As always your e.news comes at the most most most most appropriate times of my own personal journey. Constant evidence that you are in tune with me although we have never met. Kind regards and hope you settled in your new home and lifestyle. Please keep up your good work on your site it is so interesting, the best on the net.

  • I frankly learned about almost all of this, but with that in mind, I still believed it turned out practical. Good work!

    • Hi Hendrik

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading the posts. I’ve got plenty more to share, and thank you for your kind comments.

      Be well, D

  • Bookmarked, I really like your blog! šŸ™‚

    • And thank you for saying so! I’ll do my very best to
      keep you interested and informed! Debs