How to Discover What You Really Really Want to Do.

“Incredibly good without incredibly bad”

This is the title of a formula for headline writing, shared with me by the very generous and a helpful Nigel Botterill, founder of the “Entrepreneur’s Circle” and  owner of multiple on line businesses. I went to Nigel as I had  been trying to figure out how to run my digital business for over 18 months.

So, what has this to do with ‘my’ subject, guided meditation, self help and coaching?

Using guided meditation, I found out how to access my inner truth. And what  am I doing now, is, (sharing my knowledge to help others have good lives) is the core of who I am.

Every time I sit down to write, to make a video, or create a new teaching, I fall into that magic space where everything feels incredibly good. And there is no incredibly bad.

Without access to my inner world, and the practice of guided meditation and visualisationI could easily fall back into the trap of thinking “this is all there is, Deb, so get on with it”. And that is a trap – because your ‘inner’ world is where the truth of everything about you, lives.


Einstein, it was, I think, said that our imagination is the preview of the rest of our life. Nothing is more precious than living a life that suits you. So, I urge you, if you secretly dread another day doing what you are doing, take 15 minutes or so to focus inwardly. Look and listen to what reveals itself.  This is your very own “treasure map”. Not anyone else’s – yours!

Here is an mp3 to help you do just that.

Listen regularly and you can become  clear about what you really really want to do and be in your life. It’s quick and powerful, so don’t waste a moment more being puzzled and confused about what else you could do.

Start to practice with this and see what happens!
Get clear on your next step in life – Mp3 “Silver Key”


Repeated thoughts and ideas make new brain patterns and that is one reason why guided visualisation is so helpful and powerful.


And if you have to go through a time where there is very little money, it can be scary.

I get scared. So I made another video to remind me how to stay calm and centred.

The gold is inside. It’s doing what you love to do most. And I believe when the inside feels great, the outside will mirror it. Meanwhile, to help me and you keep calm…. 1  minute and a handful of seconds, to bet taken as needed!

Release Fear over Money