Happy Blue Year?

It’s here again.  The report card on 2011 shows that for the majority of us,  we ‘must do better’. The pressure is on already to eat less, exercise more, give up the booze – at least for a week- to be more: do more –  and all with the best of intentions, of course. We are relentless creators of new things to do which is so much a part of our charm, our drive – our ‘amazingness ‘….but have you been here before? Has the change been so little that you’re still ‘trying’?

Of course it’s OK to want to change, to improve and grow. But motivation is key here so  I just want to lobby for a little something extra for you.

Review yourself with kinder eyes. You are not a full-time  examiner or a judge (well you might have that as a profession, of course ) you are a whole human being – and  if you are persistently judging and examining yourself to find fault, you may not be as motivated and keen as you could be.  Some part of you is wearing away under the general head-tape chatter. Time to balance things up a little.

And so run your eyes over  the movie of your 2011 and see what you overcame and achieved: where you gave more than you needed to – extended yourself beyond what you thought you could: how many times did you do a good turn, put some money in a charity box, help a friend through a bad patch: bite your tongue rather than stir up an argument?

Looking for the positives is important. It’s  not just a fluffy exercise in feeling quasi -good. It’s about balance. The danger in always dealing with your shortcomings is that some part of you never gets to hear – or feel – the good news about who you are. That is potentially damaging for self-worth and tiring. Imagine living with a nag who is constantly pushing you onwards without noticing all the great stuff you already do? I mean – would you choose that for yourself?

  • ruth austin

    thankyou deborah for that – I think we need to be reminded more often to be kinder to ourselves and not just to others.

    • Thanks Ruth. I do too. What a difference we make when we practice what’s important on ourselves. It serves us twice: once for the kindness we experience and once for the kindness that is amplified in the world. Debs